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Who are we?

Battlesight Zero Targets is a manufacturer and seller of high quality Steel targets and target systems, stands and accessories, and much more.  We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned small business with over 50 years of combined shooting experience.  We supply targets to everyday consumers, shooting ranges, shooting clubs, and military and law enforcement.  All of our products are made in our shop IN AMERICA!!

Why our AR 500?

AR 500 is the industry standard when it comes to steel targets.  It will last through the years and take thousands of rounds with no to minimal damage.  However, not all AR 500 is the same.  Settling for lower quality "knock off" brands may result in damage which can impact safety, ie. ricochet, blast frag, etc.  Check out the picture below from a competitor's target sold on Amazon. Our steel is sourced from the same mill that supplies steel targets for the U.S Marine Corps.  It meets military specifications and is through hardened at our mill in Arizona (not China!).  AR 500 is far more cost effective...and down right more fun to shoot than paper targets giving you that coveted "ring" with impact.

What to choose?


Thickness and distance matters.  In general, for pistol and .22 caliber rifles, 1/4" AR 500 works well and takes zero to minimal damage even at close range.  For rifles (up to .50 BMG), 3/8" thickness is recommended.  For .50BMG or high caliber rifles at closer range, 1/2" is recommended, which we can provide on request.

Check out this handy AR 500 reference chart!

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